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Helping businesses to innovate and remain highly relevant to their customers by developing cutting-edge digital products.

SEG Creative Studio is is the freelance work created by Martin Gonzalez, whose been working in the digital area for more than 15 years.

I'm very selective with projects and industries, by not serving everyone, I avoid having multiple projects at once and/or similar companies in the same industry. This helps ensure that clients have my devoted attention when we sign on for projects, allows me not to compete against myself, and avoids the stress of shuffling between different projects, ultimately resulting in the best work for the client.

I work directly with clients, speaking directly means that I am able to understand the complete story of the clients needs and helps find the best solutions.

SEG Creative Studio

A comprehensive design and technology partner for the digital age, creating website designs coded with today’s modern technologies, social media campaigns, SEO improvements, and revenue-driving marketing strategies for sales leads and customer acquisition.